10+ People Shared The Most Dumbest Things They Have Ever Heard & It’s Gonna Make You Groan

  • By Asad Tipu
  • December 1, 2017
  • 7 minutes read

There are a lot of stupid people in the world.

I don’t mean that they do stupid things, it’s just that they have a lot of frequent stupid moments. For example, one person asked how to spell ADHD. You know. An acronym. Guess she thought that it was one word.


So silly. Anyway, if you were having a bad day, or thought that you dumb, check out these people. You’ll really reconsider. They’re statements that people heard that they could never shake off.

#1 Kiddie porn.

Had a teacher from a school over in high school get busted for “kiddie porn”. Girlfriend and I chat about how awful and fucked up it is, just for her to give a little pause and finally ask “I mean, how do you even get the cats to do it on command like that?”

#2 Movie dinosaurs.

“I can always tell whether they’re using real dinosaurs or not”

#3 Apple phone.

“They should make like, an Apple phone”

Said by my 23-year-old college graduate sister after she saw a commercial for a Windows phone

#4 Belly button.

“You ever notice when you smell your belly button it smells like poop” Everyone in the room: WTF NO!

#5 Tutoring.

Worked as a tutor in a walk-in math tutoring lab. Two girls came to do homework. One said to the other, “Make sure you turn the heat up in your car after your tanning appointment. It’ll help hold the tan better, like when you bake things.” I then had to help these two girls with math homework for 2 hours. Not fun.

#6 Spanish teacher.

My daughter came home from school and told me she’s her Spanish teacher’s favorite student. I asked her to elaborate – my daughter said she is the only one who ever actually talks Spanish to the teacher.

At the end of class when the bell rings, Señora Ruiz always says, “Adios!” and I say, “Sayonara!” Then she laughs and says, “You’re my favorite.”

#7 Pregnant smoking.

“I don’t know why they make a big deal about smoking while pregnant. The baby doesn’t even breathe when it’s in your belly.” Pregnant girl smoking outside my pub.

#8 Sushi rolls.

Customer “Hey what are these black things on my sushi rolls?”

Server “Uh… I don’t know.. ill ask the kitchen…”

I hear the kitchen staff say,”black sesame seeds..?”

The server goes back to the table, and I guess not wanting to appear racist tells the customer,”those are African American sesame seeds.”

#9 Mermaids.

“Humans evolved from fish, so it’s actually more than likely that mermaids exist.”

#10 Fresh juices.

While working, a customer asks where the fresh juices are. So I point her to the correct part of the menu and she starts shaking her head and says with complete seriousness “That should be illegal” I ask her what she means and she tells me that mixing fruits and vegetables will create a bunch of nasty toxins in your body, it would be fine for her to drink because SHE regularly detoxes but that could be some serious bad news for “someone like you” so I make an attempt to casually debunk any strange internet article she’s read by asking her what toxins she means and without skipping a beat she says “it puts mustard gas and chem trails into your blood stream” completely flabbergasted I let her just order and she gets a drink with cucumber and spinach ._.

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