People Are Shaming Their Chickens For The Most Ridiculous Things & It’s Hilarious

While we talk about chickens, did you know that they can recognize more than 100 different faces?

That’s amazing, right? Plus It doesn’t just include animal faces, it includes everything that has an actual face. I remember I had a chicken as a pet once and he was the moodiest pet I had ever had, after a cat.

That chicken would follow me everywhere and that’s not cute. Initially, it does seem adorable but then it gets annoying because they just won’t let you breathe. They can be real assholes at times.

However, chicken owners decided to teach them a lesson in a different way after getting annoyed by them. What did they do? They started shaming them after catching them red-handed.

Let’s check out some of the funniest cases which will make you laugh your ass out.

P.S. These chickens aren’t the only pet criminals. Check out asshole dogs and cats as well!

1 – He even looks like a leader.


2 – That’s one badass chicken.


3 – Such a hoe.


4 – Sure, Grandpa.


5 – Poor dog.


6 – I already feel terrorized.


7 – He even looks like one.


8 – Makes me want to eat it.


9 – You sure they are eggs and not poop?


10 – What!? Ew!


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