People Who Survived Coma Reveal What It’s Really Like To Be In Coma & The Stories Are Chilling

We still don’t fully understand how our brains work.

While it is true that we have come leaps and bounds across since we started researching this matter, but we still have quite a long way to go. We are still not fully aware as to how our consciousness works.

But we can certainly learn a lot from the stories of the following coma patients. These people indeed have deep insight as to how our minds work.

Via Science Alert

#1 Lord of the Ring dreams.



I was in a coma for 5 weeks due to Meningococcal. I had A LOT of “dreams”, most that I can still remember pretty clearly.

You can definitely take in what is being said from the people around you. I was 12 at the time (22 now), and my mother was reading Lord of the Rings to me while I was out. I had some pretty vivid LotR related dreams.

Like eating some ice cubes under a bridge with Bilbo Baggins. When I woke up, it felt like I’d been gone a long time, but without knowing how long.


#2 Woke up.

I was in a coma (medically induced, with full-body paralysis) for six weeks. There were a handful of times that I distinctly remember where I “woke up” in my head. What was the experience like? It sucked.


#3 The soldier.



I spent 8 days in a coma last year after a particularly traumatic surgery, my waking thoughts were wondering if I had died or made it.

As, I couldn’t open my eyes and I was on a medical air mattress so I felt like I was floating, this lead me to think that I had died.

I remember thinking it wasn’t so bad and wondering if my dad would come find me. Once I realized that I was still alive, I thought I had been injured fighting in a war and worried that my wife might not know I was still alive.


#4 Devastated.

Via Florida State University 

When I “woke up” in my head, I could feel [my best friend] holding my hand and asking me to squeeze if I could hear her talking. I tried as hard as I could to squeeze my hand and I could feel it doing absolutely nothing.

When she let go to walk away, I was completely devastated. I tried to scream for her to stay, but obviously, nothing happened.

However, I was so glad that people I knew were there wherever I was and that I was getting help (even though I felt completely helpless).


#5 Different city.

Via Journal of Nuclear Medicine

When I was finally brought out of the coma, my parents were there, which didn’t make any sense because my parents lived two states away at the time.

I eventually learned that they had been there the entire time I was in a coma. They dropped everything in their life and came to be with me and stayed there throughout the entire ordeal.

After a couple of days, some doctors came in and asked me a bunch of questions. The first question was what year it was.

That I knew because I remembered getting sick on New Year’s Eve, so I knew it was 2000. Next was who the President was. I answered Clinton, so I got that right.

Then they asked if I knew where I was. I assuredly said, “Honolulu” because, in my dreams, I had been in Honolulu.

When all of their faces had that confused Scooby Doo look is when I realized that wasn’t quite right, so I figured that I must have been back in Salt Lake City.


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