10+ People Who Are Total Morons That Will Make You Facepalm Really Hard

We often expect other people to have some basic intelligence.

But every now and then, we witness some class acts of stupidity and it makes you wonder whether some of them were born without a single brain cell. We’ve got a list of cases of legendary dumbassery that are just too obvious to believe.

#1 A truly unique test for stupidity.

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#2 A mystery of, Conrad the Confederate.

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#3 An upside down theory.

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#4 Be vary of the dumb cat owner.

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#5 He “Stands for the national anthem,” but doesn’t care if he puts his ass on the flag.

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#6 We “trust” it wasn’t you, carry on.

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#7 What a “heartless” thing to do.

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#8 That’s kinda rude.

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#9 The Self Esteem test.

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#10 We live in a world where we have then this kind of fans. Really #goflyemirates ???

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#11 And then we have this kind, who popped out of an asshole.

via IGotEatenByA_Duck

#12 Yeah like “real” men, period.

via visionarygirl

#13 This doesn’t fit in.

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#14 And then we have this masterpiece by the Trump guy, he never seems to disappoint us.

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