10+ People Who Totally Misread The Situation And It’s Hilarious

Anyone can misread a situation.

And there is no harm done (usually). However when you think of misreading a situation, what comes to your mind? Maybe reading the list of supplies wrong or something like that.

Although some people take it to a whole new level. And following are the hilarious stories of those people. So just scroll on below and feel good about yourself.

#1 Well, at least he took something.

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#2 Looks normal to me.

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#3 To be honest, they do look like drugs.

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#4 In their defense, they did listen to you.

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#5 She is loyal though.

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#6 How was he to know which kind of roleplay she meant?

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#7 Not much difference tbh.

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#8 Well, whoever he is, he still an ideal man.

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#9 I can totally relate.

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#10 Can’t believe he said that.

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#11 It took me a minute to realize it was a purse too.

Via dumb_hannah

#12 Definitely gonna remember this picture for all eternity.

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#13 Are you sure it’s not a 2 in 1?

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#14 That is an honest mistake.

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#15 Probably should have read the assignment twice.

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#16 That is bloody disgusting.

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