20+ People Who Are Definitely Lazier Than You And Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Mess

Do You Ever Feel Guilty About Being Lazy?

Well, the following people don’t so why should you? I honestly think of myself as a really lazy person but after seeing all these posts, my opinion of myself has completely changed.

You see, a Twitter user by the name of Jake Visser asked the Internet a very important question. ‘How Lazy Are You?’

The answer is both surprising and hilarious.

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#1 Don’t Your Clothes Lose Their Color Easily Then?

Via jakePsmith

#2 Only Three Weeks?

Via KBthaflyer_

#3 You Might Not Know The Definition Of ‘Comfortable’ Then.

Via jimmyroland

#4 Even If The Food Burns?

Via Kang72

#5 Yes, Yes I Have.

Via hulbertlewis40

#6 That Is Pretty Creative.

Via Qasminho

#7 Don’t Your Clothes Get Crumpled Though?

Via BlairesFUrie

#8 We All Have That ‘Chair.’

Via catalinabelo

#9 Doesn’t It Mean You Have More Laundry Then?

Via jvis10

#10 At-Least I Am Not Paying Your Electricity Bill.

Via Daionn_Harris

#11 That Is Called A Migraine Attack My Dear.

Via Mubarakk_M

#12 That Is Just Annoying.

Via shaylahmore

#13 Why Not Have A Bed Side Light Instead?

Via Renae_since97

#14 No Harm Done Here.

Via krollo23

#15 Why Do People Have So Much Laundry?

Via minnechica

#16 That Perfectly Sums Me Up.

Via tanman0123

#17 Well, At Least Your Not Addicted To It.

Via peoplesc13

#18 That Is Just Sad.

Via rrettbeynolds

#19 I Don’t Blame Him, That Is Some Hard Work.

Via brysonlozano

#20 Great Way To Keep Your Weight Down.

Via _agetrok

#21 Now, That Is What I Call Discipline.

Via Ri_ha_m7

#22 How Do You Put In Things Then?

Via lisah

#23 I Wish That Worked For Me.

Via drinkmegomez

#24 That Is Commitment To Being Lazy.

Via minnechica

#25 Don’t You Get Cold However?

Via h3yyl33

#26 That Is The Epitome Of Being Lazy.

Via Thepenguinlord3

#27 Doesn’t Everyone Do That?

Via YourGirlVal__

#28 They Agree To Do That?

Via plaidjohanna

#29 Why Though? You Know That Is A Lie.

Via ShattuckKristyn

#30 That Does Not Seem Hygienic.

Via alanis_mattia

#31 Have Fun Paying The Electricity Bill.

Via jordyn_andress

#32 That Is The Best Way To Do It.

Via Logan__Walton

#33 Work Smart, Not Hard.

Via KellBoo99

#34 Nothing Wrong With That.

Via CyborgSandwich

#35 Now That Is Genius.

Via _MikaK

#36  Don’t Even Know What To Say To This.

Via @lyssa397

#37 Best Excuse Ever.

Via FaresNazrain

#38 My Mother Would Kill Me If I Did This.

Via the_kittster

#39 What About The ‘Moist’ Stuff?

Via rorosixk

#40 Well, Do What You Gotta Do.

Via ShesKRenee


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