10+ People Revealed The Moment They Knew That They Met ‘The One’

Who knew a cheese plate could lead to a happy marriage?

Because I certainly didn’t, or I would order one on every date I go. Or better yet, order one on some ‘specific’ dates. There is a question that haunts everyone every second of their life. “How do you know if you’ve met the ‘one’?”

Well, fret not as we have the answer for you. The following people have revealed how they knew beforehand how they met their significant other. Now, I know these sceneries may not apply to everyone, but reading can certainly help no?

#1 Putting googly eyes on inanimate objects.

Via sethdmicheals

#2 And Bam!

Via ehofff

#3 Now, that is the way to reach any woman’s heart.

Via lizzie

#4 Those are some ambitious life goals.

Via adam barken

#5 Always kiss up to the parents.

Via dylan bell

#6 That is a very handy talent.

Via the iron lady

#7 Now this is just adorable.

Via aj

#8 Never let him go!

Via sam h. escobar

#9 Who doesn’t love a man who is in touch with his emotional side?

Via maxwell starshine

#10 I am seeing a pattern here.

Via Margaret Files

#11 Well, that is something to get excited about.

Via Ghost with the most

#12 That’s certainly very sweet.

Via Nicole Theodore

How did you know your significant other was the ‘one’? Or have not found the ‘one’ yet? Comment on below and let us know.

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