10+ Stories Of People Getting Fired From Their Job Within A Week

  • By Asad Tipu
  • February 5, 2018
  • 9 minutes read

Have you ever screwed up so badly that you got fired within a week of getting hired?

These people did. And when you read through their stories, you can sort of understand why. From incredibly astounding mistakes to straight up dickitry, these people went through it all. And who knows what a day you’ve had, so maybe you needed this.

The people over at Reddit are varied, diverse, and from all different backgrounds and experiences. These stories and these memories they shared with us are just the hilarity that comes with individuality. But enough about that! Check this out:

#1 Sometimes it’s worth it.

I used to do tennis court maintenance on an island in Florida at a resort. My first day, the shop pro is late and I’m sitting on a golf cart after brushing the clay courts with Monica Seles just standing around waiting. She busts out with, “Want to hit a few balls?” So I’m down, how awesome is this? If you’ve never played with a professional tennis player before, you have no idea how fast that ball comes flying at you. It was like she was just practicing serving at me and I may have, being very generous, tipped a couple maybe. Well the shop pro shows up 15 minutes later and they do their thing. Comes up to me afterwards tells me I’m fired because policy says the court maintenance can not interact with the pros. Best thing I’ve ever gotten fired for!

#2 Technically not fired, but still.

I showed up to a restaurant for my first day and there was a notice on the door that they had been shut down… i have so many unanswered questions

#3 Life of a spy.

Hired as tech for a private investigator. They mostly did cheating spouses or insurance fraud.

Second day I walk in to get started in my new office. Told I’m let go, don’t disclose why, something about my background report and a “state police matter”.

Never been in trouble. Never been arrested. I was so confused. So I pull my own records. Nothing.

My last name is common in Portugese/Brazilian areas. They had mistaken me for another woman, same name as me and of similar age, who had quite a lot of bad behavior.

I wonder how reputable they are if they didn’t think to not only cross check the ages or go by last four of the social but, at least the state police weren’t investigating me.

Which would explain why they were confused when I called them hysterical asking if they needed me to come in for questioning.

#4 Bring your wifey to work day!

Coworker of mine had to fire a new employee on his team on day 4.

The new hire brought her girlfriend to work (who was not employed with us) and she sat in the lunch room on her laptop, working on…god knows what. This occurred for 2 days before anyone realized she didn’t work here. We told the new hire to tell her to leave. She said, “If she goes, then I go.”

They both left

#5 True love.

Work for a large oil company. We were hiring warehouse positions once. It was an open event anyone could come and fill out the application. The obvious declines were sorted out and the rest were moved to a meeting room and waiting for someone to further review their applications.

Well there was a younger guy and girl who moved from one room to another together but obviously no one noticed. That is until he was calling for a panel interview and she walked in behind him. When questioned she answered for him that they were young lovers and go together. It took a while before anyone found their words but he didn’t continue with the interview obviously.

#6 Subway jobs.

I’ve only been fired once.

This was my first job, I was 15 (it was Subway). I was training so I wasn’t on the official schedule yet but the store manager told me to come in from 9-5 M-F to train. I left on Friday at 5 and he said to check back that weekend to see if I was on the schedule for the following week. I came in on Saturday and went to check the schedule, I saw that I had a few weekday shifts the next week, wrote them down and left. I came in the following week and went to walk behind the counter when a coworker stopped me. It was during the lunch rush and she stopped serving customers and shouted “YOU’RE FIRED. YOU DIDN’T SHOW UP FOR YOUR WEEKEND SHIFT!” I was stunned. I told her I came in on Saturday, I WALKED PAST HER to check the schedule and I wasn’t on it! If I was supposed to be working, why didn’t she say something to me when I was there? She then told me to take off my uniform (in front of all of these customers who are now staring at me) and give it back. I had to undress in a restaurant full of people and then leave. Thankfully I was wearing a tanktop under my work shirt.

I was so humiliated. Easily one of my worst memories.

#7 Supervisor wanted to get chatted up.

I got fired from a landscaping job after two days. Supervisor told me my work was fine but that I didn’t chat enough. Maybe I would have been more willing to chat with him if he hadn’t been hanging out on the porch naked when I showed up at his house on the second day to drive to the work site.

#8 Obvious confusion.

I was working as a bookkeeper for a local middleman construction supply company. They bought things like toilets, fixtures, and would sell them to construction companies. My job relied solely on the incoming vendor invoices of the day, so I could record them, do their markup, and send out invoices to their clients.
I started on a Monday, and the following Monday was a US federal holiday with no mail, so they told me on Friday that since there was no mail, it didn’t make much sense for me to come in because there wasn’t much to do and I was new. Ok Cool. Monday afternoon, there’s a message on our answering machine (this was years ago), and asked if I could call them back. After doing so, I got reprimanded for not showing up to work by the same guy who told me to take the day off, and told me not to bother coming in again.

#9 Fired on day two.

Day Two. I was fired because “We can clearly see you aren’t getting it.”

This was at a deli. They never actually showed me anything and left me on my own to serve customers during a lunch rush. Nothing was labelled to tell me what it was and their selection was HUGE. The customers were actually very nice about it and pointed to what they wanted, but when they finally returned they yelled at me in front of customers for the place being untidy. The owner turned into a demon woman when she told me to clean their meat slicer and I asked for training. When I was let go she bellowed “And return that uniform, and make sure you WASH IT!!”

A friend and I ran the uniform over with his car several times, I then dragged it through the mud and posted it through their letterbox when they had closed.

#10 Drugs.

Failed the mandatory “new hire drug test”. I’ve never done drugs…

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