10+ People Who Got Brutally Curved In 2017 And We Have To Lay Them Down In Peace

Got an annoying ex that keeps texting you? Or some random guy from the gym that you regret giving your number to? Curving people is a work of art, believe it or not. Not everyone can curve someone gracefully.

However, these few people have mastered the art of curving someone and winning the internet. Scroll below and write down a point or two:

#1 Danny was not seen after that.

#2 That person has a ring in their contact name, though.

#3 No.

#4 Brother-sister.

#5 “Lol” that hurt.

#6 Like Mary herself.

#7 Would you like some ice for that burn?

#8 B Y E.

#9 Such a good friend.

#10 Molecular anatomy.

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