People On Twitter From ‘Shithole Countries’ Are Sharing Their Accomplishments So Trump Can Suck It Up

You from a ‘Shithole Country’?

No, I am not trying to offend people since I would never say such a thing. If you haven’t guessed it already, Donald Trump is the one who said such a thing. But is it really that surprising?

It all started when President Donald Trump met with a bunch of lawmakers in the Oval Office to discuss his immigration plans for our country. According to some people who were present at the meeting told what Donald Trump had to say.

Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?

Twitter was apparently angry, and so were many users, about this horrendous statement. However some of the Twitter users tried a different approach by sharing their note-worthy and amazing accomplishments.

#1 Future doctor.

#2 Future Psychologist.

#3 Humanitarian.

#4 Broadcast Journalist.

#5 Content creator.

#6 Honor student.

#7 Member of South Sudanese Youth Congress.


#8 Student Ambassador.


#9 The amazing family.


It turns out people from these alleged ‘shithole’ Countries are actually doing something of note. At least that is better than doing nothing other than making offensive comments about people’s race, sexuality e.t.c.

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