10+ People Who Followed The Rules Too Literally Just To Flip You Off

Just following the rules.

There are some very stupid rules in our society. Rules have basically been put in place and followed since the beginning of time. And disobeying a lot of these rules can actually get you in jail. There’s a good chance that most of you reading this post are well aware of these rules. However, these rules can be very annoying at times! You start to question their credibility because they’re so damn senseless. So Here we have a few people who followed the rules too literally just to flip you off.


1. Take some pictures with your new selfie stick when you’re doing stuff throughout the day.

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2. Marc with a “c.”

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3. Colour half the sweets.

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4. “Due to festival rules we are not allowed to sell drinks, including bottled water.” Therefore…

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5. Can you hang this out, please?

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6. Breaking this seal constitutes acceptance of the end user license agreement.

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7. “My son wanted cold hard cash for his birthday.”

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8. If you need to breastfeed, please cover yourself.

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9. Happy birthday on both!

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10. Ditto, transform into this!

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11. I do not want any engraving. Just leave the metal plate blank. No engraving.

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12. “I know I asked for my sour cream on the side but I wanna see the bitch who did this ignorant shit…”

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13. How chicks grow.

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