People Are Dressing Up As The Babadook For Pride And It’s Beautiful

This year’s LGBTQ Pride has found an unlikely mascot: The Babadook.

You might have seen the Australian Indie Thriller known as The Babadook. The movie might have come out in 2014, although many people are still big fans of it. However, that still does not explain how this character became an LGBTQ icon.

Well to put it simply, it started as a small error which blew up into a whole Internet worth of memes and jokes. A Tumblr user screen-shotted the LGBTQ movies page on Netflix. And lo and behold, The Babadook was one of them.

After that incident, it became kind of a running theme in memes. Everyone was convinced that Babdook was gay. So, many started making fan art for the Pride month. Let me just say this; the following art does look very convincing:

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Maybe, It was not an error after all.

Many people have started analyzing the movie, and they seem to think that he is queer. What started as a joke has become a real phenomenon.

“Haunting a small white family in an Australian suburb is a radical act, and the Babadook did that, While I must make it clear that I was not the first to acknowledge the Babadook’s burgeoning status as a queer icon, I do count myself among the most vocal supporters of the movement to recognize the Babadook as a radical representation of queerness.” John Paul Brammer, a journalist and queer Babadook enthusiast explained.

You might be confused now, as to how The Babadook could ever be a gay film. Well Karen Tongson, an associate professor of gender studies and English, sums it up clearly. “He lives in a basement, he’s weird and flamboyant, he’s living adjacently to a single mother in this kind of queer kinship structure.”


Babadook Gay Icon
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However, He didn’t look anything less than fierce at the Pride Parades.

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He is the perfect Gay Icon that no one thought we needed.


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He looks ready for the runway.


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