People Have Discovered The Perfect Way To Mess With Your Cat

Cats have always been the internet’s favourite animal, mainly due to their funny antics and odd quirks. This legacy was further proven on Monday when Danielle Matheson tweeted an exchange she said she’d had with her mother, who then went on to have a very productive day.


Twitter: @prograpslady

She had read on Pinterest that if a square were drawn on the ground, a cat would have to get into it, due to their territorial instincts and their urge to explore. So, she tried it out, and it worked!

Twitter: @prograpslady

This then inspired others on Twitter to try it out with their own cats, and for many, it worked like a charm.

Twitter @ebarnz7
Twitter: @istalklouis
Twitter @HotYoungBriley
Twitter: @stephseifert1

For others, maybe not so much.

Twitter: @neilbot2525

Some cats just love to be different after all.

Twitter: @SeeroiberJenny
Twitter: @lost_limey

For some, it seemed to work with humans better than cats.  

Twitter: @bbrumfiel13

These cats clearly want to explore but whatever reason they have for doing it, one thing is obvious…

Twitter: @Lizzy_Hampton

We are so blessed to have cats in our lives.

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