10+ People Who Didn’t Check The Background And Posted The Worst Selfie Fails Online

Reminder: Always take a look behind you before you take a photo.

This happens a lot. We can’t resist taking a selfie on any occasion. Well, let’s be honest; we can’t resist under any circumstances. But ever think about the stuff that’s behind you that might be the reason you regret taking that photo? No? Well, think twice.

These people, for instance,┬ádefinitely didn’t see it coming. Better safe than sorry.

1. Oh well. The baby won’t be happy with his dad when he grows up and sees this picture.

2. Say hello to mama’s boy.

3. Uh-oh. Major photobomb.

4. I honestly can’t decide whether to look at the girl’s boobs or the dog’s ass.

5. Did she seriously not notice that?

6. Oh, SHIT! Literally.

7. I wish I could see your face when you notice it. Yes, that’s right.

8. Such a cute selfie, no?

9. The traffic, ugh!

10. Nice Ray-Bans. Oh but wait. What’s that?

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