Cute Babies Enjoying A Spa And The Internet Is Dying

Babies?! Spas!?!! BABY SPAS!?!!!

I don’t think my heart can take it.

After a long day of pooping your pants and crying about being too full to eat more, babies need to unwind. What’s better than the ultra high-class hydrotherapy and massages available exclusively for babies? Baby Spa Perth, in Western Australia, is exclusively for under six month old clientele.

Their instagram page has attracted over 38 thousand followers, and is full of adorable pictures of babies being pampered even more than they already are!

I wish I was as relaxed as this baby.

They even have a baby massage center, where they massage- surprise, surprise- babies!

Look at his cute little smile! He’s so happy while he’s getting his massage! These brand new humans have a better life than I do!

The purple ring around their neck is a “Bubby”, a patented invention of the Baby Spa which gives as little strain to their tiny necks as possible and allows them full use of their body to swim and float as they seem fit.

This kid’s got the right idea.

Just look at that cheeky little wink. Hydrotherapy not only makes the babies look cute as heck, it also helps them develop muscle and bone strength. It’ll help them swim, and even walk.

Aw, don’t panic, you’re doing great, little guy! Look at him go!

All babies that are under 8 weeks old get their own individual pod of purified water. The small kicking around they do creates waves that helps them develop their balance and coordination. And if they fall asleep, they’ll look even cuter.

And, to be honest, I think they need their sleep, it’s not easy being a brand new human being, after all.

As these photos make their rounds on the internet, everyone is getting baby fever. Who wouldn’t? Look how adorable those little babies are!

It’s the first of its kind in Australia, but Baby Spas can also be found in England, South Africa, and Spain. I legitimately think they should exist everywhere. Why? Well, it’s because they’re goddamn cute as all hell!

If you need more information, visit their website here, their Instagram here, and their Facebook here.

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