10 Times People Got Busted Hilariously For Taking Fake Sick Leaves

Work can be too much to handle sometimes.

Waking up early every day and continuing your robotic routine can be hectic. Some days you just need a break when you’re sick (of work.)

And what is the best way to run away from work? Faking sick leaves of course! I mean, everyone does it. You’re lying if you’re saying you don’t. However, just because everyone does it, doesn’t mean everyone is good at it. Some people are just naturally bad liars.

So, here are 10+ times people got busted for taking fake sick leaves:

#1 Matt thought faking a sick leave was just a Google search away.


#2 Kyle Doyle made the rookie mistake of posting on social media.


#3 Marking excuses on calendars. “Blood work.”

#4 And this employer loves spreadsheets so much; he made one with excuses.


#5 The employer shared his experience on  Reddit, “It’s a fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, go fuck yourself if you get caught kind of thing.”


#6 This guy told his employer something came up and he needs to go to New York for some days.

That “something” was a Halloween Party.

You’ve got to admit; the wand is cool.

#7 “Traffic.”


#8 This guy backed himself up quite well.


#9 This employee got caught because her boss viewed her Snapchat story, and then called her a “lying c*nt”.

Danny Andersen 


#10 A couple in 2008 took five paid leaves each to spend time on their honeymoon.

Eventually, they got caught and had to pay a heavy fine of $7,500

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