10+ Times People Asked Strangers To Take Their Pictures And Regretted It Later For Obvious Reasons

Everyone likes to have their memories immortalized.

Especially when you’re out and about. However, that can be a hard task if you’re traveling alone. So what do you do then? Well, you ask a stranger of course! That is usually what everyone does, but that doesn’t mean it is recommended.

Since not everyone is a master photographer, and sometimes it’s hard to see in the direct sunlight if they’re taking a picture of you or themselves. Following are some of the instances where people regretted asking someone else to take their picture.

#1 You can see yourself in her sunglasses.

Via Tyguy462

#2 Lovely bathing suit.

Via SydneyMacKillop

#3 I personally like this angle more.

Via hotel_la_pace

#4 Beautiful scene.

Via adamandlianne

#5 There is never enough blur.

Via arden_cho

#6 I’m guessing they weren’t tall?

Via evolve_essentials

#7 The building is gorgeous though.

Via jenithegreat

#8 At least the girl is included.

Via tylersteffenma

#9 The water is beautiful.

Via derrickbatl

#10 Love the red top though.

Via kelcyparrish

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