People Are Trolling Their Moms By ‘Moving Out’ Joke And The Reactions Of Moms Are Hilarious

Mothers go through hell every day.

I mean they have to handle us every day. Can you imagine that? Well, they do this and still manage to put a smile on our faces. So we should always try to help our mothers in every way we can.

However, sometimes it is just alright to give in and troll your mother. But, that doesn’t mean that she will take it. Not at all, she might even have a few tricks up her sleeve. Who knows?

So do keep that in mind when you decide to message her something like this. You see, when people started to message their mothers that they are going to move out at 17, no mother was having it.

So scroll on below and see how they replied.

This is where it all started.

And this made many teens try the same thing which ended up as badly as you could imagine.

Damn, even his sister is freaked out.

Some mothers responses were just incredibly sweet.

Discuss this later? Damn.

And some mothers just couldn’t understand the joke at all.


Okay, that hurt.

Yeah, don’t think that is going to happen.

Wow, she got angry fast.

She knows what’s up.

Maybe she was waiting for this.

Aww so sweet.

She is actually not lying.

I want to know more!


I can relate.


So did you try this with your own mother? If so what was her response? Comment down below and let us know.

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