People Accused Girls Of Being Racist For Not Holding A Black Girl’s Hand But Girl’s Mom Set Them Straight

Why do people make everything about race?

I mean I get that there are a lot of people in this world that are indeed racist. However, not everyone is alike. People tend to assume many things. This story belongs to the latter.

It all started after the shooting at Santa Fe High School on 18th May. You see many kids rallied together to show solidarity for “Santa Fe Strong.” Ten people lost their lives, and 13 were injured in this school shooting.

When the pictures of this event were posted, rather than coming together, many people started to point out that no one was holding the ‘black girl’ hand. As you can imagine, that all went sideways because it is the Internet after all.

Source: Twitter

This is actually the original picture.

However, it all started when one person noticed something.

Other people weren’t too far off either.

Soon enough, the whole Internet joined in these baseless accusations.

But people didn’t really find it surprising.

Why do people love to assume things?

The mother was quick to jump in to support her daughter.

But people were still a bit iffy on the whole story.

The mother was quick to address any false accusations.

Some people even asked for proof.

And the mother did give proof after all.

They should have stopped right there, but they didn’t.

Now that is a great comeback.

The ‘black girl’ also chimed in.

Even her cousin responded setting it all straight.

At the end of the day, many people were there to support her.

And I am thankful that at least some people saw sense.


This is the final message from the mother.

Maybe he really was asking a simple question.

And it all spiraled out of control.


What did you think of this whole story?

Was it really racism or are people reading too much into it? Comment down below and let us know.

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