What If Pennywise Was A Cat? Artist Hilariously Reimagined ‘IT’ Story With A Cat In It Instead Of Clown

Everyone should be terrified of Bob Gray dressed up as a clown. Also, everyone should know Pennywise, the dancing clown, from Stephen King’s horror novel ‘IT.’ Moreover, the terrifying novel was recently adapted as a motion picture. The book based movie has been a hit at the box office ever since its release.

But what if Pennywise was a cat? It turns out, they both have a lot in common! They both find joy in killing innocent people and basically kill for fun. And even though they’re both psycho serial killers, they know how to add a little wit to apparently everything.

An artist recreated the creepy and infamous Georgie scene – re-imagining Pennywise as a cat rather than a clown:


Hiya Mousey!

My Cheese!

Mousey – Meet Pennywise.

Now We Aren’t Strangers, Are We?

Storm Blew Me Away… Blew The Whole Circus Away!


Annnnnd Of Course…


~ GULP ~

Don’tcha Want It Back?

Take It…



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