Woman Tells Hilarious Story Of How This Peacock Trolled Mating Turkeys In Zoo & It Turned Into A Meme Instantly

The world is a hilarious place. The internet has started to become what the television used to be. A place for stupid, popular culture. So much so, that everything with even a hint of hilarity makes it to the book of memes. A majority of memes are captioned photos which are intended to be funny. Just like this peacock which turned into a meme instantly for trolling mating turkeys in a zoo.

It all started when Melissa Caruso met this peacock at the zoo.

It’s one of those peacocks you see aimlessly wandering around at the zoo.

It’s the season where turkeys try to impress the ladies.

So this poor Tom turkey was trying to show off for the ladies, with its impressive tail fan for a turkey. But, suddenly, Tom stopped existing.

The peacock was absolutely doing this on purpose.

Tom tries to herd the ladies away from the interloping showoff.

But the ladies just want to stare at the peacock a little more.

It seemed to have lasted much longer than World War II.

So if you ever feel like someone is upstaging you, be glad that you’re not this turkey.

And the memes came flooding in.

This is an accurate representation of publicly ridiculing human behaviour.

It just keeps getting better!

War of the platforms.


Here’s how Twitter responded to the whole fiasco!


Have you ever been in a similar situation as poor Tom? Let us know in the comments below.

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