10+ Times ‘Peaceful’ Protesters Were Trolled Hilariously

Everybody Has The Right To Express Their Opinions ‘Peacefully’.

Freedom of speech applies to everyone. So peaceful protests are great for you to meet with like minded people and exercise your freedom of speech. However, it applies to everyone. So you know what’s more freeing than a ‘peaceful’ protest? Well, trolling the protesters obviously.

Beware though, as you might get offended by some of these if you do not posses a sense of humor. Now that the obligatory warning is out of the way, lets begin.

#1 Okay, We Have The Permission!

Via Karomars

#2 He Has A Point Though.

#3 Apply The Healing Cream Slowly As To Not Irritate The Burn.

Via LeCarpeDiem

#4 Pro-Choice Vs Pro-Life.

Via schwanky

#5 He Is Telling The Truth.

Via uncouthsilence5

#6 Never Missed A Gay Event.

#7 This Is How You Troll.

Via PR3DA7oR

#8 He Has An Argument Though.

Via doug3465

#9 This Sign Is Everything.

Via shxrlocked

#10 Scared Of Her Even Though She Is ‘Not’ A Terrorist.

Via FearlessFixxer

#11 I Am Personally Living Because Of The Officers Expression On His Right Side.

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#12 That’ll Show Them!

Via Will_Ryan_Post

#13 Okay, Everybody Relax!

#14 Quoting The Bible Is Not Hard.

#15 Truly Priceless!

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#16 Weird Hobby.

Via saturdaychores

#17 The Hidden Truth Of Protests.

#18 Statistics Don’t Lie.

Via Big Heritage

#19 Homo Sex Is…

Via SwirlStick

#20 This Guy Knows Fashion.

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