Paul Ryan’s Presentation Becomes The New Internet Sensation

Paul Davis Ryan is an American politician.

















He is the 54th and current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. He is the first person from Wisconsin to hold this position, and has been so since October 29, 2015.

He has actively voiced his concerns over the PPACA as well as advocated for its repeal. He and Mitt Romney promised to generate 12 million new jobs during the 2012 election as well as the PPACA’s repeal. They, however, lost the election and he stated he attended Obama’s second inauguration as an “obligation.”

Recently, Ryan’s been on the hotseat for American’s politics due to his involvement in Trump’s repeal and replacement of Obamacare. The established replacement, Ryancare or Trumpcare, has been criticized by the left and the right wings of the politics.

On March 9th, Paul Rayan gave a presentation at his news conference in Washington DC. He rolled up his sleeves, clipped a microphone to his tie, and pulled out a PowerPoint presentation to give a TED talk-style speech on GOP leadership’s method to repeal and replace the PPACA.

He wouldn’t look out of place at the head of a lecture hall, just call him Professor Ryan.

The internet, armed with Ryan standing in front of a large white screen, took to Photoshop to whip up an incredible arsenal of awesome memes to both make fun of Ryan and his terrible Ryancare idea.




It was first Phillip Bump who set things rolling by making everyone’s life a little bit easier.

And of course, the memes came in floods. Here are some of the top tier ones.

Paul Ryan discussing his favourite Grey’s Anatomy characters.


Here’s important government business happening right before your eyes


Reviewing the new Zelda game

Proving just how JACKED he is

Establishing dominance over iPhones

Going off on a tangent


Feeling the Bern

Irritated with Bees’ apparent lack for laws of aviation


I’m not sure what’s going on here

He’s asking the real questions

Two step healthcare plan


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