Paul Ryan Got Slammed By Rosie O’Donnell After He Sent A ‘Controversial’ Merry Christmas Tweet And Twitter Is Divided

Paul Ryan is facing a lot of criticism now.

Since the new GOP tax bill went through, there has been a lot of fallout. People from all over the place have been coming out of the woodworks to criticise the plan because they believe that it causes a lot of damage.

It’s a tax cut, essentially, with people now able to keep more of their money than before.

And one of the vocal critics is Rosie O’Donnell who got in trouble recently for telling Ben Shapiro to “suck (her) dick”. What happened was that O’Donnell tried to bribe two senators, and when Shapiro called her out for it, she targeted him with sexual harassment. He reported her to see if they’d take her tweet down, and after initially saying no, they changed their minds.

After the GOP tax bill passed, this happened.

And it just started devolving.

With slightly offensive memes popping up.

No one held back. At all.



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