Patrick Stewart’s Relationship With His New Foster Dog Is Adorable And Twitter Is Here For It

Being a foster parent can be hard.

And I am not even talking about fostering a human child. I’m actually talking about being a foster parent to dogs. I mean, who would want to leave the dog after you have shared so much time? I know I could never do that.

However, that is where Patrick Stewart is different than most of us. He has been doing this for quite a while and recently posted videos and images of his new foster dog, and I have to say their relationship is just heartwarming.

Source: Instagram | Twitter WagsandWalks

It started with the Pitbull Ginger when he posted photos in 2017, but now he has another foster dog just as adorable as Ginger. But it appears they didn’t want to leave Ginger which I understand.

Last March, we had one month left on the lease of our Los Angeles rental home, and it was a perfect place to share with a four-legged friend. Our plan was that when we moved out, so would Ginger, to her forever home.

It became clear, pretty much immediately, that Patrick and I were completely naïve. Within forty-eight hours of sharing our home with Ginger, we were head-over-heels in love, and began investigating how we could fold this 62 pounds of red-nosed pibble perfection into our rather hectic lives.

-Sunny Ozell

Who would want to leave this adorable doggo?

However, it was not as easy as it seemed to adopt the bundle of love.

We learned about the UK’s antiquated and tragic breed-specific legislation that includes “pit bulls”. The legislation itself is opaque, draconian, and truly hard to decipher.

There aren’t many times when I’m comfortable leveraging the “Pstew Card”, but this was absolutely an instance where I wanted to pull out all the stops. We called the British Consulate and we called the RSPCA.

We spoke with every expert we could, and as it became clear that there in fact was no “clear” answer, we realized we just couldn’t take any risk with Ginger’s life.

I could go into more detail about how we came to this decision, but the short version is that we chose to do what was best for Ginger.

However, things didn’t end there.

Within days of coming to grips with the knowledge that we couldn’t make her a part of our family after all, we learned from our fabulous dog trainer that something was wrong with Ginger’s hind legs.

We sent her to an excellent veterinarian, who found that both her rear anterior cruciate ligaments were torn, one much worse than the other.

So they got the surgery as soon as possible.


And so they saved her.

Patrick and I didn’t hesitate; at only two years old, Ginger was a great candidate for surgery, and we decided to get our Gurl fixed up.

We didn’t want to pass that burden on to her next family…we wanted to give her the best chance at the brightest future possible.

Ginger looks ecstatic.

Patrick and I braced ourselves for the bittersweet heartache of seeing her, but in fact found only delight in seeing her so happy, and so well.  In Ginger’s time with her trainer, she’s been socializing with other doggies and a big, old pussycat.

She is finally herself.

She’s learned that she really likes popcorn (it’s soooo crunchy!) and she’s learning how to swim (it’s a part of her rehab). It was clear to Patrick and I that she’s even more “herself” than before…this may seem a stretch, but she honestly seemed more comfortable in her own doggie skin.

And in fact, she probably is, as she’s almost certainly in less pain.

You’ll be happy to know that Ginger has indeed found her forever home.

We’ve been checking in on her weekly, and will continue to do so. The time is approaching (finally) when we can feel ready to help her find her forever home.

Though we have assumed complete responsibility for her, Wags and Walks, the remarkable and saintly rescue organization in Los Angeles who saved Ginger in the first place, is still involved in her future as well

She’s even more perfect than she was before, and we can’t wait to see Ginger settled at last, with a family who is ready for the best pibble snuggles in the world.

And he was back again being a foster parent to another pup.

This is Emma.

And she is indeed a very sweet girl.

Even Patrick thinks so.

Just look at that bond.

They are best pals already.

But she wants to see what happens next.

As you can imagine, people are even more in love with Patrick now.

And I can see why.

I know how you feel.

Most people can’t.

True words have been spoken.

The perfect match.

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