10+ Hilarious Posts About Passive Aggressive People That Will Make Your Sides Hurt

Being passive-aggressive is an art in itself.

You’re not being rude; you’re not pissing anyone off. But you’re delivering your message to the other person and making sure they’re not missing it. Now, that’s art!

Just like sarcasm, passive-aggressive people tend to be witty. They have the wildest imagination and just can’t let things slide.

Have a look at some of these intelligent passive aggressive people:

#1 Okay, he/she seems pissed.


#2 Damn, straight to the point!

#3 Okay, now that’s a good example of being passive-aggressive! It would piss me off too.

#4 Okay, that’s quite witty too!

#5 Passive aggressive kitchen notes war!? Well, this surely seems interesting…and annoying.

Twitter: @youngvulgarian

#6 I’ve started to grow fond of passive aggressive people.


#7 Haha I bet, she won’t ever forget this!

#8 Now that’s genius!

#9 Apart from that, I really like that song.

#10 One thing’s for sure, these people are witty and funny af.


#11 Dad surely knew what he was doing.

#12 What if he’s not even pretty on the outside?


#13 She surely made it clear!


#14 Damn, he/she definitely did not expect that!


 #15 I can relate.

#16 Make sure not to piss your passive aggressive gf/wife.

#17 I laughed so hard at this!


#18 Is that even real!?


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