This Is What Happens When A Passive Aggressive Mother Has Passive Aggressive Friends

We interact with countless people throughout our lives but have you ever had the chance of interacting with a passive aggressive person?

If you did, you must know how they would keep their nose high and wouldn’t want to compromise in many situations. Although, they won’t show what’s going on in their head and you won’t even be able to figure out what’s happening but if you’re smart enough, you will come to know how they will resist to your demands without even occurring a word. Passive aggressive people are known to be quite friendly but if they ever get mad, they would totally deny it even if they are being mad AF on the inside. But on the other hand, we can’t ignore the fact how passive aggressive friendships are one of the best things we have ever seen. Plus, it can be totally hilarious too!

However, a girl shared a hilarious story about her passive-aggressive Mother and her friendships.

That definitely sounds cute, to be honest! But I’m curious to know what happens next.

Of course, since she’s so passive aggressive, she’s showing all the resistance that she can.

That’s kinda rude but hey, she can’t help it!

“Trying to eat better”

Ah, chocolate is definitely the best snack while you are about to study!


Wait for a second, what’s that!?

Damn! Are you kidding me? Did she find those 20 dollars in the bag of Twix?

Martha, that was pure evil but it would definitely leave her wondering what just happened to her.

So, guys, that’s how you get played by somebody clever AF. Have you ever had any similar experiences like this girl’s mother did? Share it with us!


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