Parkland Students Troll Their Invisible Backpacks With Something That’ll Make Conservatives Very Uncomfortable

There is one specific set of species that I absolutely hate and they are known as conservative people. They would find a problem in every little thing.

I’ve spent a lot of my life dealing with conservatives. And trust me, it has been one hell of an experience.

Anyway, the survivors of the Gun Massacre that took place in Parkland, Florida are so outspoken that even conservatives would shit their pants. But there’s something that scares them more than that, and you’d be surprised to know, it’s the female reproductive system. So students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School decided to troll them. Want to know how? By combining both of them together, the rest you can imagine. What a nightmare!

Students of Douglas high school were ordered that they must carry clear backpacks.


An Instagram account was created especially to troll the solution that was provided. They filled the account with memes, a lot of memes!


Do you recognize her? Well, she’s Delaney Tarr, the organizer of March for our Lives and of course, a senior student at Douglas. However, this is what she had to say on Twitter.

Its that time of the month again!

The bloody week shouldn’t be stigmatized at all if you ask me! Most of us have been advised to hide our supplies because we are supposed to feel ashamed of our natural body functions.

Let me tell you since most of you are probably not aware that Tampons are taxed as “luxury items.” Yes, you heard that right. LUXURY? It’s a basic necessity!

It was definitely an awkward and uncomfortable situation for women because the rule that was passed to carry clear backpacks was unfair since tampons and menstrual supplies can’t remain hidden in the bags anymore.

So, Cameron Kasky, who was the founder of Never Again & March for our Lives, stood up along with women and, you know what he did!? This magnificent guy filled his backpack with Tampax! Come on, who would do that? That’s one hell of a move, I’d say.

See, he knows his priorities! We need a guy like this in our lives.


Parkland teens troll their new backpacks with the thing that scares conservatives the most.

And guess what? The bags were free of cost. Hmm, strange.

We should hand these to the NRA for their blood money

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He shouldn’t be too overconfident, come on!

Now you are safe (hahaha get it)

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Let’s hope something positive comes out of this!

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