10+ Times Parents Used Wrong Crying Emoji & Absolutely Fucked Up

Some parents have a hard time dealing with technology.

Whether its slangs, abbreviations or emojis, they are bound to mess things up at one point. And there’s nothing wrong in that either, I mean, they taught you how to use a spoon at one point. But, it’s hilarious anyway.

However, some of these parents though the laughing emoji is actually a crying emoji, and that makes things very awkward, trust me. Check out how these parents messed up using the wrong emoji:

#1 No, mom. You’re not crying.

Twitter: @__ellebasI

#2 Please don’t laugh.

Twitter: @carlee_whitaker

#3 Doesn’t look like you’re sorry.

Twitter: @CassidyCoggins

#4 Hilarious.

Twitter: @jooleeheon

#5 Ha ha, you’re suffering.

Twitter: @haley_duvall

#6 LOL, you broke your foot.

Twitter: @kimmyschwaa

#7 Oh…


#8 Yes and it’s not funny!

Twitter: @hylianhottie

#9 It’s not funny. He almost died.

Twitter: @alana_gordon

#10 The worst part is, that was public.

Twitter: @Higginator

#11 Suddenly dying is not funny.

#12 God, mom. Can you be more insensitive?

Twitter: @coletteraquel_

#13 Why is that funny?

Twitter: @RyanStiff

#14 It must be.

Twitter: @kathfantastic

#15 Sad day, laugh crying emoji.

Twitter: @LauraShevy

#16 No. Please stop.

Twitter: @_crusty_carter

#17 Make it stop.

Twitter: @_hannahroney
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