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10+ Millennial AF Parents Who Are Too Extra To Handle

10+ Millennial AF Parents Who Are Too Extra To Handle

Parenting is the hardest job in the world.

But it doesn’t have to be. Parents can be really funny at times, and they might make you laugh most often. In most cases, they’re there to break the convention that old people can’t joke. And the hilarious parents in the list below seem to be having a very good time at parenting.

Here are 10+ millennial AF parents who are just too extra to handle:

1. Savage 101.

2. Extra petty and pretty extra.

3. This dad’s wall of shame are his son’s confiscated fake IDs.

4. Because saying I had a nice night is just too cliche.

5. A new level of extra.

6. If mom’s convinced then I am too.

7. #NoTwitterDrama

8. This mom definitely knows how to be extra AF.


10. This mom made an Instagram just to mock her daughter.

11. Here’s what you do when you don’t have to unpack for college.

12. Game of thrones got nothing on her.

13. And then there’s this mom whose daughter wanted to be a minion for Halloween.

14. This mom dressed up as her son for Halloween.

15. This mom right here is a legend!

16. He’s the real MVP.

17. And the mom of the year award goes to…

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