10 Parents Who Absolutely Ruined Christmas For Their Children

I know I’d totally hate my parents if they wrecked my Christmas.

Christmas is over, yes. But for the children, it’s not over for days. It’s that time of the year which brings joy and excitement in every home, but also disappointment for some when they don’t receive the presents they were hoping (or secretly wishing) to get. After all, it’s all about the Christmas gifts for the little ones!

Not all parents can be Santa Claus which results in a lot of Christmases ending up being less than joyful. It’s not the parents’ fault, really. The kids do make it a bit harsh for their parents to make this occasion a total flop.

Here we have ten parents who completely destructed their children’s Christmas, and they sure will regret it for quite a few years.

1. Mustard?!

2. It’s some kind of a pattern.

3. He definitely hates it; thanks a lot, mom!

4. It’s unbelievable how fast the children grow out of stuff.

5. Hey, I’ll take it if you don’t want it!

6. Buy one, fit two in.

7. I wonder where his own present is.

8. These are not happy tears, I tell you.

9. She sure is a fussy kid! How can she not like her new bike?

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10. What an innocent yet concerned mom!

Source: Reddit | Snowy_boy
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