10+ Parents Who Roasted Their Children So Brutally That It Put Them In The Burn Unit

Comebacks are a fleeting yet rare thing.

And that’s mostly because most of us think of the perfect retort only hours after we’ve been insulted. However, the internet has provided us with an unprecedented opportunity to send our comebacks. And savagely wipe the smirk off of our enemies faces.

Although, there’s a warning attached. Only use these comebacks if you never want the person to recover and expect them to end up in the burns unit, even if they’re your children! There are reasons why your parents should never be exposed to the Internet. This being one of the reasons, of course!

These epic burns will put these children straight in the burns unit:

1. So much for being savage.

2. Mom is getting back to the basics.

3. Thanks, Dad.

4. I’m super sorry for the language, but this is hilarious.

5. For anyone who was wondering.

6. Utterly sarcastic.

7. “Empty the dishwasher and the cat box every night without bitching about it.”

8. For starters.

9. He should’ve just taken the trash out.

10. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

11. Savage.

12. This mom is such a savage.

13. Send this girl directly to the burns unit.

14. Cold. Hard. Cash.

15. How to deal with a stinky attitude.

16. Sassy.

17. At least this parent was generous.


Even though these comebacks didn’t literally put children in the burns unit, let’s hope they recover soon!

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