10+ Parents Who Are Living in 3017 While You Are Stuck In 2017

  • By Asad Tipu
  • December 13, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

With parenting, you come across a whole new slew of problems you haven’t seen before.

There’s no way to teach someone how to handle them, so they just have to make do. And that usually means approaching modern day problems with old-school methods. The results are always amazing. Awe-inspiring even.

These parents dealt with things in a truly parental fashion, but they made it look so good, it’ll make you feel like everything you know is of the past millennium.

Welcome to 3017.

#1 Whatsapp.


#2 Edited gifs.

Twitter: @AustinRoa

#3 Walkie Talkies.

Twitter: @abi_slade

#4 Wineglass hack.

Twitter: @HarrisonSage

#5 Hiding beer.

#6 Hot sauce on a chain.

Twitter: @ohfarrell

#7 Easy, breezy.

Twitter: @YasminParr

#8 Sunglasses tradeoff.

Twitter: @lauraleap15
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