12 Things You’re Going to Love Doing in Pandora: The World Of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Pandora: The World Of Avatar is finally open!

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park has a new destination. Pandora from Avatar! After years of being hyped up, you can finally go visit it. If you’re lucky enough to get a reservation, that is. Spots are running out like hotcakes. But if you are lucky, then take this handy guide with you.

These are twelve things you should definitely try out at the Pandora Kingdom!

#1 Order the Boba Ball drinks

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They come in two types. The alcoholic version, Mo’ara Margarita or the non-alcoholic version, Night Blossom. You can get them at Pongu Pongu, (If you speak Na’avi, that means Party, Party). Not only do they look cool, they’re fun to drink with all the tiny balls.

#2 Create a necklace of your own

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For $19.99 you can create your very own Windtrader necklace. It’ll get you the leather cord, a crystal or feather centerpiece as well as eight other tasteful beads for decoration. They’ll make a gorgeous souvenir.

#3 Speak Na’avi

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At the proper merch locations, you can buy a handy book to teach you how to speak Na’avi. It even includes certain phrases that you will no doubt hear throughout your stay.

#4 Make a bowl

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I don’t mean crafting your own ceramic dish, I mean a meal! At the Satu’li Canteen, you have a choice of choosing your protein, base, and sauce for a meal of your own. You can even preorder it on the My Disney Experience app.

#5 Check out the live performances

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There are live musicians and performers walking the paths of Pandora. Make sure you check out what they’re doing, because they interact with the audience thoroughly. They even teach you about Na’avi culture!

#6 Take a ride down the Bioluminescent river

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This family-friendly boat ride with only two rows makes sure that you experience the river in it’s glory, with all the magic. In the end, you get to the Shaman Of Songs

#7 Eat Na’avi cuisine

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The Satu’li Canteen where you can make your own bowl also has gorgeous Na’avi desserts available. It’s impressive, otherworldly, an absolutely divine experience.

#8 Adopt a banshee!

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Go to the Banshee Rookery at Windtraders and get yourself a Banshee. It’ll perch on your shoulder just fine, and you even get a controller to make it come to life. Makes a fantastic gift or gag.

#9 Enjoy the environment!

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This one’s obviously a bit of a no-brainer, given just how gorgeous everything in Pandora looks, but it’s still worthy of a mention. It’s incredibly immersive and makes you feel like you’re actually on tour with ACE (Alpha Centuri Expeditions), which is exactly what Disney wants.

#10 Create your own Avatar

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At Windtraders, you can get scanned to bring to life an Avatar of your own. You can envision how your life would be with the Na’avi.

#11 Or go a step further

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Get your face painted, and buy prosthetics to become one of the natives! At Colors Of Mo’ara, you can get the ears, and even the tails to mingle with the Na’avi.

#12 And last but not least, take a ride on an actual Banshee

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With cutting edge technology, they have recreated simulations for you to actually feel like you’re taking part in the rite of passage. It’s named the “Avatar Flight of Passage”, and while it does have a height restriction for the young’uns, it’s a thrilling and wonderful experience.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your tickets pronto!

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