10+ People Shared The Most Painfully Stupid Things Vegans Ever Said That Almost Made Them Snap

Many people hate vegans.

And I understand why. Even though I was vegan myself for a short while, I can admit that many vegans like to wave their ‘veganism’ in other’s faces. And that makes all the rest of us look bad.

I am not saying all vegans are like this because that would be quite untrue but I have to say that vegans aren’t doing any favors to themselves with the way they act. Do they really think that threatening others will rally them to this cause?

So following are some of the stupidest and weirdest things that vegans have said or done. Trust me; this will surprise you.

Source: Whisper

#1 Really? The first story has rendered me speechless.

#2 Nobody cares if someone is a vegan or not.

#3 Sure, whatever you say.

#4 Probably from trees. I just plucked eggs from the egg tree today.

#5 Suicide is taking it a bit too far though.

#6 Oh wow, seems like there is no end to people’s stupidity.

#7 Because they think it makes them better than the rest of us. (Spoiler alert, it doesn’t!)

#8 Of course she would say that.

#9 I myself am a pescatarian, and I can’t see why that is somebody’s business.

#10 Hypocrites are the worst.

#11 Yeah I wish it was, but ‘diet’ isn’t end all.

#12 No it isn’t, and that is very insensitive.

#13 Right. It’s not like they can sense and remember things.

#14 Not really, overeating is overeating. Period.

#15 People like to push agenda that aligns with their own beliefs.

#16 If you are not okay with your significant other’s diet then don’t date them. Never just string them along.

#17 Why the heck would a vegan order from KFC?

#18 Dumbest argument ever.

Have you ever been preached by a vegan or are you already a vegan and hate these ‘other’ extreme types of vegans? Comment down below and let us know.

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