10+ Painful But Hilariously Accurate Cross Stitches That Will Make You Say ”That’s My Life”

Cross stitch is a popular form of sewing and counted thread embroidery. It is one of the oldest forms of embroidery. Traditionally, cross stitch is used for the embellishment of doilies, dishcloths, tablecloths and household linens. Nonetheless, the increasingly popular work of patterns on pieces of fabric is often used to make trivets, coasters and greeting cards.

Here are 10+ painful but hilariously accurate cross stitches:

1. I do not spew profanities; I enunciate them clearly.

2. Are you testing me, Satan?

3. Come at me, bro!

3. I’ve made a huge mistake.

4. It’s not peer pressure, it’s just your turn.

5. Ain’t nobody got thyme for that.

6. Careful, or you’ll end up in my novel.

7. Tonight we dine in Hell.

8. Mothers of teenagers know why animals eat their young.

9. You’re doing it wrong.

10. Behind every successful man stands a woman who couldn’t be more surprised.

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