This Doggo Has Better Hair Than Anyone Else On Planet Earth & His Owner Spends Thousands Of Dollars On It

Everyone loves to take care of their dog and spend money on them, but this guy takes it to a whole new level.

We are talking about a three-year-old Afghan Hound named AJ Nirvana Battle; he’s definitely one of the prettiest and stylish dogs in the world. The dog’s owner, who’s known as Kevin Chan, has been spending a lot of money on his dog. Now, you must be wondering how much has he spent as of yet? Well, he has spent 100,000 Chinese Yuan which makes it about $15,000+. Wow, that’s a lot of money! Moreover, it takes 4-8 hours per week to keep his pet’s fur beautiful every day, which is why he stands out!

According to Mr. Chan, he doesn’t mind spending his time or money on his dog because of course, he is family. What’s even more impressive is that Mr. Chan makes sure that his dog is all clean by bathing him every week. Despite spending 100,000 CYN, he doesn’t mind spending an additional 5000 CYN (about $700) for his bathing products.

Last but not the least, Mr. Chan works as a marketing director in Beijing. He even decided to buy a camera and take professional photography classes, but for what? Yep, of course, so that he can capture the beauty of his dog and show it to the world!

Let’s take a look at the most beautiful dog in the world! (h/t)

Wow, he surely is the prettiest.

Just look at him!

Awww, he’s adorable.

And that’s Mr. Chan with his handsome dog.

Ponytail looks good too!

Mr. Chan knows how to take pictures.

I could just cuddle up with him!

That’s a nice shot!

He is majestic!

That’s hilarious and cute at the same time.

This dog has better hair than me.

He is such a poser.

That hair though.

Money well spent.

Aww, this is definitely the best picture!

Here is a video about him:

What did you think about Battle, isn’t he adorable? Do you take care of your pets like that? Share with us!

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