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Owner Calls Out Vegan Activist Group On Facebook For Breaking Into His Farm

Owner Calls Out Vegan Activist Group On Facebook For Breaking Into His Farm

Vegans are more irrational than ever before

Over the years we have seen how vegans have come up with baseless and highly questionable theories, have consistently made illogical reasonings, and have lived by the most delusional beliefs (which did not only mislead them but also those around them). Oh, and let’s not forget their forever active engagement in the most foolish arguments ever! But this time around, they have completely crossed the line.

Having your differences because you live a different lifestyle and advocate for animal equality is one thing, but exploiting the hard-working farmers and stealing their livestock? What kind of vegan activism is that? What law in the world allows one person to trespass and take from another person? What kind of message are you delivering to the people? By doing this, you are not only violating the law, but you’re also taking away from a hard-working person whose living solely depends on it. Isn’t that inhumane to you?

You might be thinking what’s this all about. Well, it’s about a farmer who wasn’t given any justice when some “vegan activists” trespassed his property and stole livestock. Scroll on below and read how the owner of ‘Gippy Goat’ unveils the unjust system of our society.

Via gimme

Here’s what John Gommans had to say.

It gets worse.

Neither did he get any compensation nor any support.

An immediate and effective response from the police was the only good thing in this whole ordeal.

But despite everything, justice was not served.

What is your take on the situation? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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