Dog Sitter Shares Outrageous Conversation With A ‘Client’ Who Asked For Free Service But Got The Best Response

Life is not a free ride.

Now this is common sense and people understand this. However, we can’t say the same for everyone, as you will ALWAYS find some incredibly stupid people out there. In fact, its not even about being stupid if you are paying someone less than what they actually deserve. Its just a pathetic thing to do and is clearly not acceptable.

And something similar happened to this one girl who works part-time as a Dogsitter. You see, she recieved a text message from a client asking for if she can look after her dog for the weekend. And what followed next will shock you.

Scroll down and check it out.

Source: Imgur

Here is how it all started.

Basicallly, this lady badly needed someone to take care of her dog.

So she made a demand and sent the Dogsitter a picture of her dog.

The Dogsitter, however, didn’t comply with her request and instead suggested something else.

And after it was all settled the Dogsitter told the lady about her charges. (And honestly, considering the circumstances it seems fair).

But it looks like the “customer” didn’t like it one bit.

However, the girl kept her cool and replied the lady in the most polite way possible. She told her that the rates are final as she is managing everything on a very short notice.

However, the selfish woman didn’t listen and started arguing instead.

When nothing worked she even tried to blackmail the girl.

But the way this girl responded to that lady in the end is just priceless!


So what do you think about this “upset” customer and this whole conversation? Did the Dogsitter give a good response or could she have done better? Drop a comment below and share your views with us!

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