10+ Hilarious Tweets That Every Woman Can Relate To If They Want Pockets In Their Outfits In 2018

Have you ever had a dress with pockets?

If not, then you seriously don’t know what you’re missing. I mean, I love dresses, and I was always fine wearing ‘normal’ ones. But that all changed when I discovered that they make dresses with pockets!

I no longer had to bring a purse with me. And do you know how amazing and powerful you feel when you’re wearing a dress with pockets!? It’s truly freeing! And the following ladies can totally agree with me.

#1 Sweet and salty.

#2 Wedding dress.

#3 Excitement.

#4 Gummy bears.

#5 Giving up hope.

#6 Amazing.

#7 Telling everyone.

#8 Never too old.


#9 Totally accurate.

#10 Pocket apocalypse.

#11 Bigger news.

#12 Better than sex.

#13 Goddess.

#14 Favorite dress.

Have you discovered the amazingness known as a dress with pockets yet? Comment on below and let us know!

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