Creator Of Brutus & Pixie Comes Up With Origins Of “Unique Dog Breeds” And It’s Totally Hilarious

Some Unique Dog Breeds and their Origin

I’m sure by now the majority of people here know the artist Ben Herd—creator of “Brutus & Pixie.” He is no stranger to the world of Webcomics due to his iconic creation which got him a fanbase of more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

But, you’d be surprised to know that Ben Herd does much more than working on ‘Brutus & Pixie’ comics. He always has a new and hilarious idea in his head that only needs to be put on paper. Most recently, he came up with a strip that makes us question ‘where do some of the unique dog breeds come from?’ And trust me the reasoning behind it is absolutely hilarious.

Scroll down and check out his most recent work that will not only make perfect sense but also give you a good laugh.

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Wolves and Huskies are understandble.

And so are these…

The secret has now been revealed.

No wonder why Chihuahuas are always so excited for no reason.

Perfect explanation.

Pet Foolery 1-0 Science.

As it appears, viewers had some theories of their own.

I don’t know why but they all make sense too.

Chihuahuas and rats?!

Interesting theories but I think Chihuahuas are wolf + squirrels.

I attest to the pug theory; it’s beautifully explained.

Do you have any theories that explain the origin of some of the dog breeds? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below! Also, spread the word so your friends can join the conversation too.

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