This Guy Wrote A Hilarious Open Letter to the Person Who Fucked Up His Burrito & We All Can Relate To The Pain

Okay, so who else hates it when you order a burger or a sandwich and the guy prepares it messy?

Well, I hate getting my meal messier while I eat it and I absolutely loathe it when the food and sauces start spilling out of it.

This guy faced a similar issue when he ordered a burrito for himself; the guy didn’t just mix the ingredients. He had the audacity to put every ingredient in zones which didn’t give the guy a chance to taste the ingredients together, and that definitely sounds disgusting. So, out of sheer frustration, the guy wrote an open letter to the person who made his burrito.

He described how it should have been done. Although its pretty hilarious the way he took out his frustration, and I loved reading every bit of it because I actually would have done the same.


So here’s how his “lifelong hatred” started for the guy who made his burrito and made this guy’s life miserable.

Damn, he is pissed AF.

Ah, I would hate it too if somebody filled my burrito with a lot of lettuce.

I can totally understand how it must have made him feel!

I feel you, bro, I feel you!

Okay, it’s getting even more serious now. Babies have nothing to do with it, they are not even born yet, probably.

Who the fuck would use a fork to eat a burrito!? Some people just want to watch the world burn.

So here ends the incredibly horrible experience that this guy had. What do you have to say about it, did you think he kinda exaggerated or he was being fair? I mean, come on, I hate the people who would fuck up my food too despite paying money for it!

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