Older Folks Share What They Feel About Their Tattoos That’ll Make You Feel Better About Getting Inked

Everyone Has Heard The Infamous ‘You Will Regret That Tattoo’.

You have probably heard that line hundreds of times in your life if you have at least one tattoo. What people don’t understand is that they should mind their own business and let us do what we want with our bodies.


I am not saying, that everyone absolutely loves their tattoos their whole lives. I mean, it is possible that you make a mistake. Or possibly that you were drunk when you got the tattoo. (Never drink and get a tattoo!)

However, it is also possible that you will love your tattoo for eternity. That is why Angie Bird directed a fantastic documentary named ‘You Won’t Regret That Tattoo.’ Some of them got their tattoo when they were 17 while some when they were much older.

Rick Got His First Tattoo When He Was 17. Every One Of His Tattoos Represents Something Significant In His Life.

Bernice Got Her First Tattoo At The Age Of 68. Her Husband Always Told Her She Didn’t Want One But She Got One Anyway.

Maria Got Her First Tattoo At The Age Of 35. She Also Points Out. “Opinions Are Like A**holes: Everybody’s Got One And They All Stink!”

Then There Is Monica Who Got Her First Tattoo When She Was 56 In The Memory Of Her Late Husband.

The Short Documentary Is Amazing, And You Should Totally Watch It!

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