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10+ Old English Words That Need To Make A Comeback In A World Full Of Grumbletonians

10+ Old English Words That Need To Make A Comeback In A World Full Of Grumbletonians

This should be interesting.

People these days (including myself) use language like “Lit AF” and other slangs to make English enjoyable, whereas the charm of this language is lost somewhere in the past. The odds are that you could have heard these words in movies or somewhere before, but if you’d use any of these words while having a conversation with a friend, they might think that you are entirely out your mind.

A few years ago, “Bae” became popular and was out of style in a very short time. Now, consider words from the 15th century. Yeah, that old. Seeing the words in this post would make you wonder how the English language has evolved over time and looks entirely different these days.

Trust me, you are in for a surprise! Check these out.

1. Is that even a thing? Do you have that feeling?

2. That’s some kind of a phobia, isn’t it?

3. I think this word is still used… Somewhere.

4. Yes, I admit I am a slugabed. Problems?

5. Somewhere in the middle? 50:50?

6. I think this is all of us right now. Don’t you?

7. Something every girl wishes for. (drools)

8. Most of the time…

9. Procrastinating… for a specific time.

10. That’s quite funny, actually.

11. We have a lot of snollygosters in our respective countries, eh?

12. People are just too good at grufeling nowadays. It’s sad.

13. I think I have a few kakistocracies in mind.

14. Hate those grokes!

15. How convenient.

16. In other words, STUPID!

17. I have Dysinia. Enough said.

I’m sure I learned some, no, many new words. I hope you enjoyed them too. Comment below with your thoughts.


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