Linkin Park Made An Official Heartbreaking Statement After Chester Bennington’s Suicide

Chester Bennington, the lead singer for Linkin Park, passed away recently

His bandmates were heartbroken and in mourning. The band formed in 1996, and they knew each other for over two decades. But that’s not the first thing that broke their silence after his passing. The band created a website featuring Chester, with a number linking a suicide hotline. It also has a list of tweets from the hashtag #RipChester on Twitter.

The post was directed to the late singer, starting with “Dear Chester,”

The comments were full of heartbroken fans, in mourning and in anguish

And those who never felt the deaths of celebrities before now did

His music and his voice had touched the lives of millions

And it really does feel like a childhood friend passing

In life and in death, he will forever affect everyone.

His legacy will live on

Rip Chester

Original post below:

Dear Chester,Our hearts are broken. The shockwaves of grief and denial are still sweeping through our family as we…

Geplaatst door Linkin Park op Maandag 24 juli 2017

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