Internet Is Losing Their Shit Over This Offensive Birthday Wish From Ellen To Katy Perry

Ellen Degeneres has found herself in a bit of a controversy!

The famous talk-show host and Presidential Medal of Freedom holder has caused quite a stir on Twitter after wishing Katy Perry on her birthday.

This was the tweet:


“Happy birthday, @KatyPerry! It’s time to bring out the big balloons!” Oh boy.

Needless to say, everyone lost their shit.

#EllenWeinstein soon started trending.


People wondered what would have happened if it was a man.

They highlighted the hypocrisy.

The irony.

It would, wouldn’t it?

Women aren’t balloons.

She represents the LGBT community, and this is not an excellent example.

Even Piers Morgan chimed in.

However, some people came to her defence.


One of them pointed out that there is a difference in talking about a friend and a stranger.

“Girl privilege.”

Some said it wasn’t an unwanted joke.

It was just a friendly joke.

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