This Guy Calculated The Odds Of Finding A Soulmate And Shows How Hard It Is

If you think you hated Math before, wait till you see this guy’s calculations.

Valentine’s Day just passed, how did yours go? Were you with the stay-at-home and order pizza squad? Or did you spend the day with your significant other? If you ask me, I slept all day. Literally till the evening. I guess that’s what happens when you’re forever alone.

Before I read this guy’s calculations of me finding a significant other, I actually had some hope. But now I am confident I am going to die with my 50 cats. Thanks a lot, man.

Scroll down below to find out how lonely you’ll be for the rest of your life and become depressed with me:

Via Bandit78

Don’t get your hopes up. This guy is wrong.

So, Einstein’s son decided to jump in and destroy our dreams.

How many times will you lock your eyes with someone?

This guy must be fun at parties.

Are you still hopeful or are you going to curl up in the corner and cry as I did? Let us know in the comments below.

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