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10+ Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History That Are A Little Twisted

10+ Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History That Are A Little Twisted

History was really disturbing tbh.

And this post proves that right.

You must have read in books about the way people used to treat other humans or even animals and enjoyed doing it too. While some abusive activities took place in the past, there have also been some moments that put a smile on our faces. On the other hand, though, some really creepy stuff happened too.

So, were people really insensitive or something? Let’s find out.

Here are 40 images of bizarre and troubling things that took place in the past. Try not to freak out over them.

1. Austria, 1954: A little boy excitedly rides on a man’s shoulder who is dressed as a demon for the Krampus parade.

2. A person getting an anti-freckle treatment in the US in 1933.

3. Jackson, Mississippi, 1963: The Woolworth lunch counter sit-in to protest a white-only diner although two of the three people being harassed are white themselves.

4. This is a staged photo from a set in the US in 1931 showing a girl sleeping with a type of boogie man about to wake her up.

5. A Russian man posing with his two sons, dressed as the king of billiards, a cue ball and an eight ball in 1886.

6. Two men dressed in mickey mouse costumes in Paris, France. Yes, that’s what Mickey mouse looked like back in 1932.

7. This picture was taken in Erwin, Tennessee, the USA in 1916. It shows the circus elephant Murderous Mary being hanged because she killed her abusive trainer. People around the area decided to punish the poor animal by hanging her.

8. A promotional photo for the 1922 Swedish-Danish silent film “Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages.”

9. Alaska, 1892: an Inuit Shaman with a sick boy.

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