Barack Obama Wished Biden Happy Birthday Using A Meme And We Are Living Our Dream Again

He really understands the power of memes.

Yesterday was Bidens birthday, the former vice-presidents 75th birthday.

While Barack Obama could have wished him a Happy Birthday the normal way, you know how we all wish each other happy birthday, he opted out of that boring wish and did something we never thought he would.

Via Craig Barritt

Do you remember the classic Obama-Biden meme format? Let me give you some examples.

Never do that

Via SimonNRicketts

Ice-Cream makes everyone’s problems go away.

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Via queerstewart

Yes, he used this meme format masterfully.

Yes, yes he did.

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I thought I was too but I double-checked.

Via DougSchoeller

He knows.

Via lizabeth_kiefer

These guys are truly friendship goals!

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Do you think It was done perfectly or does he need some practice? Share our thoughts in the comments below!

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