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A Reminder From Obama's White House Photographer – The President Of United States Was Not Always A Big Bad Misogynist.

A Reminder From Obama’s White House Photographer – The President Of United States Was Not Always A Big Bad Misogynist.

Remember the good ol’ times when there used to be decency in White House?

When the president of United States was not a big bad misogynist? Obama’s photographer does. Pete Souza took the best time to dive into his archives and find just the right photographs to troll the current President Donald Trump.

In continuance of his disrespect for women president Trump, recently published a series of disgusting Tweets in which he insulted Mika Brzezinski, the host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. These kinds of shameless acts are unprecedented in the history of White House. Souza took it upon himself to remind all of us that it surely wasn’t always this way.

Souza took a bunch of photographs from his collection of Obama’s administration. He posted them under the title of “Respect for Women” using his Instagram account. These photographs show different occasions where Obama can be seen interacting with different women with respect and proper decorum.

Obama strategizes with women without a demeaning behavior.

Obama chatting with a girl without any unnecessary touching.

A friendly hug with a US soldier, the look on her face says it all.

Obama listening to a woman while she briefs him about the Boston Marathon Bombing, unlike Trump Accepting Congrats on a terrorist attack.

Entertaining a guest by making her smile.

Souza’s reminders are equal parts sad and happy. Trumps’ demeaning and ridiculous behavior has struck a major blow to the legacy of United States’ Presidents. Time and time again he talks trash about women and is notorious for his disrespectful behavior. With all the humiliation some Americans feel, they take Souza’s reminder with a warm heart.





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